About US

SINGING BOWL SPECIALIST MANUFACTURING CO. is a leading Manufacturer Company that offers unique Handicrafts of Indian, Nepali, Tibetan Handicrafts. We are Manufacturing of yoga / Meditation products & Buddhist Craft items. We also deal in traditional Indian Handicrafts. Our Range includes Masterpieces of art having religious significance.. Launched in 2005, A SINGING BOWL SPECIALIST MANUFACTURING CO. is currently the largest Manufacturer & supplier of Handmade items.

We Specialize in the largest variety of7 metals Himalayan / Tibetan Hand Made Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing bowl, Assam Singing bowl, Nepali Singing bowl, Manipuri Singing bowl, Bengali Singing bowl, Odessa Singing bowl Himalayan Chakra Singing bowls, Hand Hammered/ Etched/ Painted Singing bowls, Hand Casting Singing bowls & God & Goddess in all Metals in all Style like Bronze, Brass, Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Lead, Tin, Iron Some of our other products include Tibetan, Tingshas, Tibetan Bell and Dorje, Vajra Tibetan Gongs, Tibetan Jewellery, Singing Bowl Cushions, Bowl Beater (Stick) Tibetan Utensils and other Indian Handicrafts. A SINGING BOWL SPECIALIST MANUFACTURING CO.has satisfied various Customers with its quality services and the Products which are in great demand all around the world.